Declaration of Scheduled Areas

  •  As per paragraph 6(1) of the Fifth Schedule {Article 244(1)} in Constitution of India, the expression ‘Scheduled Areas’ means such areas as President of India may by order declare to be Scheduled Areas.
  • In accordance with provisions of paragraph 6(2) of Fifth Schedule, President may at any time by order increase area of any Scheduled Area in State after consultation with Governor of that State and make fresh orders redefining the areas which are to be Scheduled Areas in consultation with Governor of concerned State.
  • The Scheduled Areas were first notified in 1950.
Why in news?
  • Constitution Orders (CO) specifying Scheduled Areas in Rajasthan were issued in 1981.
  • Due to re­organization and creation of new districts and changes in population of Scheduled Tribes as per 2011 Census, Rajasthan Government has requested for extension of Scheduled Areas in the state.
  • The Union Cabinet has given approval inclusion of certain areas in Rajasthan under Fifth Schedule to Constitution so that tribals living there can avail benefit of protective measures under its provisions.

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