Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) programme

Ministry/ Department : Department of Science and Technology


  • It will promote self-driven cars, autonomous unmanned vehicles and aircraft navigation systems
  • It aims to break silos in academia and encourage greater synergy between the university scientists and industry.
  • Under it, centres of excellence would be developed at the IITs and universities. Moreover, there will be dedicated courses on the subject

Need for such a program:

  • CPS is an important technological evolutionary area that needed to be addressed as it has potential to pose unprecedented challenges and also stresses to India’s demographic dividend.
  • It can be turned into a huge opportunity by ensuring that India’s future workforce is skilled in robotics, artificial intelligence, digital manufacturing, big data analysis, quantum communication and IoTs.
  • The National Science Foundation of the United States already has identified CPS as a key area of inter-disciplinary research back in 2003.
  • It means that India is late entrant in this technology which has huge potential.

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