Cornelia Sorabji

  • She was first woman to practice law in India and England.
  • She was born on November 15, 1866 in Nashik in the erstwhile Bombay Presidency of colonial India.
  • ‎She was the first woman to study law at Oxford University and Bombay University.
  • In India, she took the LLB exams under the Bombay University to get law degree, one which she was denied in Oxford.‎  ‎
  • Her career in law was not free from trials and tribulations.
  • She was barred from practising her profession in both Britain and India.
  • Even after clearing the law examination in Allahabad High Court in 1899, she was not acknowledged as barrister.
  • Her contributions include: She took cause of purdahnashins, veiled women who were forbidden to interact with men outside their families. ‎She helped widowed purdahnashins get their rightful share of the property, helped them pursue education and secure employment. She succeeded in pursuing the government to appoint Lady Assistants to the courts to help women litigants.

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