Coastal Economic Zone (CEZ)

Coastal Economic Zone (CEZ)
  • CEZs are spatial economic regions comprising group of coastal districts or districts with strong linkage to ports in region to tap into synergies with planned industrial corridor projects.
  • These zones are expected to provide business-friendly ecosystem including ease of doing business, ease of exporting and importing, swift decisions on applications for environmental clearances and speedy water and electricity connections.
Key Facts
  • CEZ will be developed as part of plan for developing 14 such industrial clusters to spur manufacturing and generate jobs.
  • The plan envisages total investment of Rs 15,000 crore in first phase and creation of more than 1.5 lakh jobs.
  • The idea is to attract large firms interested in serving export markets as they will bring with them capital, technology, good management practices and links to world markets.
  • This in turn will help create ecosystem around them in which productive small and medium firms will emerge and flourish.

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