Bioremediation – UPSC Prelims

What is bioremediation?
  • Bioremediation is the technology that uses microorganism metabolism to remove pollutants.
  • It uses relatively low cost, low-technology techniques, which generally have a high public acceptance and can often be carried out on site.
  • Bioremediation is a natural process that involves the use of biological entities to neutralize the contaminated site.

This technology includes
  • Bio stimulation (stimulating viable native microbial population),
  • bioaugmentation (artificial introduction of viable population),
  • bioaccumulation (live cells),
  • biosorption (dead microbial biomass),
  • phytoremediation (plants) and
  • rhizoremediation (plant and microbe interaction
  • Bioventing
  • Bioleaching
  • Land farming

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