Bhabha Kavach

  • BARC has developed Bhabha Kavach, a next-generation bulletproof jacket that is cheaper, lightweight.
  • Bhabha Kavach is made of boron carbide and carbon nanotube polymer composite and weighs just 6.6 kg.
  • The materials used in it reduce weight by nearly 50% as compared to presently used heavy steel-armoured jackets that weigh between 10kg to 17kg.
  • It has passed over 30 tests carried out by certified agencies.
  • These materials have been indigenously developed at BARC and are spin-off from nuclear technology
  • Apart from being lighter, sturdier and more reliable, Bhabha Kavach is also cost effective.
  • It will cost Rs 60,000-70,000 as compared to imported bulletproof jackets costing around Rs 1.5 lakh.
  • Bhabha Kavach is able to withstand eight 7.62mm bullets fired from AK-47 rifle from distance of 5-10 metres. It can even withstand 5.56mm bullet of Indian Small Arms System (INSAS).

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