BASIC – UPSC Prelims

  • It is a geopolitical alliance (bloc) of four advanced developing countries:
    • Brazil,
    • South Africa,
    • India and
    • China.
  • It was established by agreement in 2009.
  • These four countries collectively account for one-third of world’s geographical area and nearly 40% of world’s population.
  • BASIC countries broadly have common position on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and raising the massive funds that are needed to fight climate change.
  • Since 2009, they have cooperated in international climate negotiations, reflecting their aspiration to have a larger say in global politics.
  • Mandate: These four countries as single bloc are committed to act jointly at Copenhagen climate summit, including possible united walk-out if their common minimum position was not met by the developed nations. They are collectively working to define common position on emission reductions and climate aid money and try to convince other countries to sign up to Copenhagen Accord.

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