Ballistic missile defence (BMD) system

  • India has a double-layered ballistic missile defence (BMD) system capable of tracking and destroying hostile missiles both outside (exo) and inside (endo) the earth’s atmosphere.
  • The BMD consists of two interceptor missiles, Advanced Area Defence (AAD) missile for endo-atmosphere or lower altitudes and Prithvi Defence Vehicle for exo-atmospheric ranges.
  • The DRDO expects deployment of BMD shield by 2022. India will be fourth country in the world after the US, Russia and Israel to successfully built effective anti-ballistic missile system.
  • It is being developed in two phases:
  • Phase I :
    • The first phase BMD system is capable of killing enemy missiles fired from 2,000 km away.
    • It is expected to be inducted in the armed forces soon.
  • Phase II :
    • The second phase BMD system, capable of destroying enemy missiles fired from 5,000 km away is still under development.

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