Are UN resolutions binding? – UPSC Prelims

Are UN resolutions binding?
  • Resolutions and decisions are formal expressions of the opinion or will of UN organs.
  • The nature of the resolution determines if it is considered binding on States.
  • Articles 10 and 14 of the UN Charter refer to General Assembly resolutions as “recommendations”.
  • The recommendatory nature of General Assembly resolutions has repeatedly been stressed by the International Court of Justice.
  • However, some General Assembly resolutions dealing with matters internal to the United Nations, such as budgetary decisions or instructions to lower-ranking organs, are clearly binding.
  • In general, resolutions adopted by the Security Council acting under Chapter VII of the Charter, are considered binding, in accordance with Article 25 of the Charter.
  • However, they are subject to veto exercised by permanent members of UNSC.
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