Abanindranath Tagore – UPSC Prelims

  • Abanindranath Tagore: He was one of the most prominent artists of India.
  • Contributions:
    • Abanindranath was the first major supporter of swadeshi values in Indian art.
    • He first created the ‘Indian Society of Oriental Art’ and later went on to establish Bengal school of art which led to the development of modern Indian painting.
    • He also sought to modernise the Mughal and Rajput styles to counter the influence of Western models of art, as taught in art schools under the British Raj.
  • Famous Paintings: Ganesh Janani, Bharat Mata, The Victory of Buddha, The Passing of Shah Jahan.
  • Famous Books: Aban Thakur, Rajkahini, Budo Angla, Nalak and Khirer Putul were important books in Bengali language children’s literature and art.

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