Terrorism – UPSC Ethics

Should India compromise its moral positions on terrorism, and its refusal to bend its principles regardless of provocations from repeated terror attacks? Critically comment. (150 Words)
Once a saint was trying to rescue a crab from turbulent water but the crab was continuously biting swamiji’s finger. Swamiji didn’t relent. Answering the concern of his disciples he said that it is that nature of the crab to bite and it’s my nature to save it. I mustn’t give up my nature. This is the case with India.
India should not bend on its nature and principle and moral position on terrorism in order to maintain the respect, honor, dignity, Trust and popularity in the international arena and to continue to exercise moral authority at world forums. India being a large power has responsibility for regional stability. “Eye for an eye” has brought our earth under conflict and countries are reeling with problems of human right violation, refugees, war crimes etc. In this depressing scenario our morality and principles comes as a ray of hope. We must protect and brighten it.
But this is to not suggest that we would not safeguard the life and property, happiness and growth of our nation from external aggression which is the prime duty of state. For this we must have a National Security Policy and actions shouldn’t be based on “tit for tat”.
We are emerging as world leader and as a leader we must live by our principles. Compromising on moral position on terrorism is akin to going against our civilizational values of peaceful coexistence andnon aggression

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