Temple Entry – UPSC Ethics

Discuss the ethical issues involved in denying entry to women and dalits to temples. How should issues like this be solved by government and society? Comment. (150 Words)

Ethical issues involved in denying entry to women and dalits are:
  1. Should the traditions be followed which are against the principles of rationality, humanity and especially hurt the dignity of women and dalits
  2. How far can the government interfere in the religious domain
  3. Should the government’s efforts for upliftment of dalits and women be constrained to socio-economic development only
Above issues should be solved by following means
  1. Intellectual debates, discussions on the topic to sensitise the people have to be carried out
  2. Education should be along the modern liberal lines
  3. Caste based panchayats who still don’t uphold the law of land should be prosecuted using relevant provisions like sc/st atrocities act
Women and dalits are vital part of our society and their contribution is vital to development of strong India.



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