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Tax avoidance and tax evasion has become a huge problem around the world. Why is it considered unethical and immoral to evade or avoid tax?

Tax avoidance is the use of legal methods to modify ones financial situation to lower the tax that can be paid. On the other hand, Tax Evasion is an illegal act by a person , organisation or corporation in complete non-payment of tax which are generally subjected to criminal charges .
It is both Unethical and immoral to evade or avoid tax for the following reasons .
  1. It is the DUTY of any law abiding citizen to pay his tax regularly .
  2. Non-Payment of Tax is also an act of DISRESPECT to the country as citizens daily avail the services provided by the state from Roads , Health , education etc.
  3. The citizens also deny the opportunity for the government to spend more on social sector by avoiding or evading tax which only shows the persons indulging in such acts are NON-COMPASSIONATE to the weaker sections of the society .
  4. Tax avoidance also amounts to the deviation of ETHICAL STANDARDS by individuals and business entities in GREED for additional monetary gains .
The frequent events of Tax avoidance and Tax evasion shows that, the people are lacking the virtue of integrity. It is necessary for the civil society and the government to work together to bring about a change in the attitude of the people indulging in such unethical acts .



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