Inspiration – UPSC Ethics

Which contemporary leader has inspired you most with his/her thoughts and actions and what values have you learnt from his/her life? Justify. (200 Words)

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam inspired me a lost through his following qualities:
  1. Simplicity & Humbleness: Great scientist, recipient of “Bharat Ratna” & then President; but even after all these, he was very simple living style & always open to all people, ideas, faiths.
  2. Learner & Motivator: He always had a curiosity like children & inspired & motivate fellow Indian.
  3. Patriotic leader: He was staunch nationalist & always worked for fulfilling a dream i.e. make India a developed nation.
  4. Visionary Leader: guided country in many technological areas like defence, space, nuclear & also had a vision to use these technologies in elimination of poverty, backwardness.
His ideas will show me the right path & guided in any ethical dilemma.



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