Indian Values – UPSC Ethics

Role of Spiritual Leaders and Indian Values:
  • Spiritual leaders in the country could play a vital in removing corruption and promoting environmental protection.
  • We consider nature as mother not for carrying us but to serve her. There is a tradition of even giving up lives for the sake of trees in the country. Even before a bough is cut, prayers are offered. We are taught to be sensitive to life, living creatures and plants since childhood
  • But even this tradition had come under strain with passing times.
  • Hence, the community of spiritual leaders had to put in their efforts on environmental protection to meet the challenge of climate change.
  • They should also emphasise on cleanliness as their words would have more impact on the people, he said.
  • The Indian society believed that the whole world was a family (‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’).
  • It was in this belief that the solution to the problem of fundamentalism lay.
  • At the root of terror was the feeling that one’s way or path was right. But India believed in equality of all creeds

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