Ethics in Society – UPSC

What is the role of ethics in our society? Illustrate with examples. (150 Words)

Ethics play following important role in our society:
    1. Make citizens law abiding: It is ethics which stop us from breaking traffic signal, lying under oath, female foeticide etc. especially when the chances of conviction are very less.
    2. Prevent selfish use of law: eg: disruption of parliament for narrow political interest; Railway demolished illegal colony in winter in November 2015 in Shakurbasti. It was legal but they could have waited till February.
Hence ethics helps in building trust, credibility and social capital.
    1. Leads to equality and inclusiveness : equal opportunity to women in corporate world, giving up caste discrimination, welcoming tribal, LGBT, Aids patients in mainstream society.
    2. Reduces corruption : The incentive for corruption can only be countered by ethics; empathy and compassion for poor who are worst affected by corruption.
    3. Helps in private affairs – Caring old parents ; respecting wife, no domestic violence or marital rape ; good upbringing of children.
It is ethics that guides a society before law evolves and is enforced.



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