Ethics in Governance – UPSC

In what ways lack of ethics in governance damage country? Illustrate with examples. (150 Words)

Governance is a means to the end called ‘public service’. The means are as important as the ends and thus the need for ethics in governance.
In more recent times, the free play of money in politics, crony capitalism and widespread corruption are vitiating this means which ultimately weakens the country socially, economically and politically.
The following illustrate the same :
  • Socially:¬† alienation of tribal, minorities, SCs and youth making them easy prey of radicalisation- poor administration in universities leading to youth committing suicides, corruption in education from capitation fees to rigged exams, opacity in investigations of civilian deaths at border are some examples
  • Economically: crony capitalism, red-tape, nepotism- which leads to poor redistribution of tax payers money and It also affects India’s position globally – Coal, 2G scam, etc are examples
  • Politically: political instability- in states as centre fails to uphold constitutional morality- incessant use of Article 356 is an example, collusive corruption has become a norm due to free play of money in politics- vote for cash, horse trading are some examples
Thus, there is an urgent need to resurrect ”ethics” in governance, by bringing in transparency, accountability and public participation.



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