Education and public servant – UPSC Ethics

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” Discuss the relevance of meaning of this quote for a public servant. (200 Words)

The true purpose of education is to make a person RATIONAL and free him from PREJUDICE by which his mind becomes OPEN to different views but he becomes INTELLIGENT enough to accept only the ones which satisfy his OBJECTIVE and RATIONAL criteria.
A public servant works in conjunction with the society having diversified groups with each having their own set of VALUES and OUTLOOK so it becomes INDISPENSABLE for him to accommodate their views to give them a sense of INCLUSIVENESS yet be OBJECTIVE enough to work towards resolving only the genuine grievances. It helps an administrator in two ways, one by PACIFYING the aggrieved party that their grievance has been heard and two by helping in RATIONALLY allocating the limited resources at his disposal.
It can be understood from the example of a COMMUNALLY disturbed area, a District Magistrate has to pacify both communities so he will hear both of them but he must be EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT not to sway in favour of any of them and let the situation slip out of control.
Thus education imparts KNOWLEDGE to a mind with the trait of TOLERANCE to accommodate differing views.



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