Edu. Qualification of Ministers – UPSC Ethics


Do you think there should be minimum educational qualification for ministers to manage important sectors such as higher education efficiently ? Critically comment. (200 Words)
The restrictions on the position of the Minister must take into account the following arguments
Advantages of Education Qualification:
  1. Better understanding of the requirements of the post
  2. It will give new dimension to politics.
  3. It is the prudent step with governance reaching new heights with increased awareness of civil society.
  4. Education as an important component can shift the mind to constructive issues like development, drastic shift from religious cacophony.
  5. Better co-ordination between ministers and bureaucrats.
  6. They will be more supportive to changes in modern times e.g. e-governance.
  7. They will bring freshness and innovation into the political system
Arguments against:
  1. It can act as a deterrent to the citizens to participate in elections
  2. It can create a divide between haves and have nots where only the privileged will be able to rule.
  3. Education does not guarantee experience on the field.
  4. Education does not guarantee ethical conduct and moral uprightness.
  5. It can be further extended to other limitations to electoral posts e.g. condition on caste etc.
  6. Constitution did not make it as a condition in universal adult franchise.
In a developing nation where 73% of Indians are literate such mandatory requirement on electoral posts will do more harm than good in the current context. It should be a natural step after the education sector has been able to meet the country’s growing requirements of attaining higher education. In the present times, such action will invite mass condemnation from various sections of the society i.e. oppressed and vulnerable sections who are deprived of such education opportunities.
Moreover, the integrity of the minister cannot be a sole function of his education. As Gandhi ji remarked, “Knowledge without Integrity” is a sin. The primary purpose of educational qualification cannot in itself be the sufficient condition to attain efficiency in high ministerial posts



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