Communally Sensitive District – UPSC Ethics Case Study

Assume that you are a district collector (DC) of a communally sensitive district where frequent communal clashes are the norm. As a DC, how will you ensure peace and harmony in your district? What measures will you take on priority basis soon after you assume your office? Explain. (200 Words)

Maintaining peace and tension free society should be top priority of an administrative officer. Being a DC of communally sensitive region, my actions to ensure peace and harmony will be:
  1. Arrange meeting with leaders of all community individually to know the main issue of dissidence.
  2. Arrange open debate of all leaders along with public participation.
  3. Issue strict order against any miscreants.
  4. Call for help of armed police in case there is chance of increased violence.
  5. Issue public notice in print and electronic media to not to follow any news without verified source.
  6. Arrange for health, food, shelter for affected people.
All these steps will be taken on priority basis along with keeping higher authorities informed of action and present situation. But if assuming office in such district will need some extra steps like:
  1. Holding meeting with police and other authority to identify depth of situation and actions taken and options available.
  2. Mapping of affected region along with intensity level.
  3. Will go on ground to analyse the situation.
Rest steps will be taken as mentioned above to ease tension in the district.



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