China’s Moral Blindness – UPSC Ethics

 “Ever since China’s decision to block UN sanctions against Masood Azhar, many Indians have concluded their superpower neighbour’s policies are driven by moral blindness, even malice.” What ethical issues does China’s action gives rise to? Will it be ethical if India does the same to China? Critically comment. (150 Words)

China’s recent decision to block a UN sanction against Masood Azhar has given rise to the following ethical issues :
  1. Vetting personal Interests over and above the goal of utilitarianism – Terrorism is a global threat and one needs to shun the myopic view of : ”your” and ”my” terrorism.
  1. Giving up on the human values of humanity, empathy and compassion which should equally guide a Nations’ foreign policy
  1. An effort to fight evil with evil- China’s view of placating Pakistan with the help of Masood is thus misplaced.
Doing the same with China may not stand the test of morality as it goes against the Gandhian philosophy of holding high ones’ moral principles even in times of adversity as also the maxim ”an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”. However, such an act may be seen as correct by some as it goes well with the Gandhian force of ”non-violent coercion” in national and global interest.



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