Changing Unethical Attitude – UPSC Ethics

Examine what needs to be done to strengthen ethical and moral values in governance? If you are appointed as a head of a department where you find many of your subordinates to be unethical and immoral in doing their duties, how will you help change their attitude? Discuss. (200 Words)

The ethical and moral values are a part of personality. These values are formed in the individual through the influence of his or her family, school, friends and the society. It can also be imbibed through proper guidance and motivation by the institution, strictly enforced through the code of conduct. The accountability and transparency in governance will help to achieve the values.
As the department head, I will first try to bring transparency in the system. I believe that all people are inherently ethical; they like to be so when their activities are open to public scrutiny. Next step will be to ensure quality of the services. The common people will be encouraged to use their rights, report on bad behaviour, and demand fair treatment. They will be asked for their feedback in the online platform created for the purpose. The appraisal of the officers will take note on these feedbacks.
Once these institutions are in place I will try for attitudinal change through motivation and persuasion.
  1. The techniques of Reciprocity: appreciation in words,
  2. Consistency and Commitment: building personal rapport,
  3. Social Proof: Lead by example,
  4. Authority: Obedience of the code of conduct and rules will be used to bring in attitudinal change.
A combination of institutional and personal changes will help to bring in the attitudinal change.
Changing attitudes of people lie at the heart of empowerment and development. What attitudinal changes have to be brought among citizens to improve functioning of democracy? Give innovative solutions to bring about the above changes suggested. (200 Words)
When, people say that all the politicians should go to hell as all of them are corrupt. Then those people should also provide address to hell, because they shall find “hell inside their attitude itself”.
Citizens must be educated to give equal importance to Fundamental Rights as well as Fundamental Duties.
But is it ethical to expect others unless involving ourselves? We must personally do
  1. Vote in every election, be it by-election, general election or state elections. Never mind about others, see that you, your family and friends and any others people use the voting right.
  2. Educate people around you about the ills of NOT voting and Voting after taking money, while voting other things should be given priority from caste/religion.
  3. Express yourself through social networks, newspaper articles, blogs about serious issues in the country. This helps create a mass opinion. You see most of us Indians are oblivious to many issues, simple because no one points it out to us.
  4. Involve personally in a local level, expose corruption in your local police station/gram panchayat/university/college/corporation et al. Raise such issues in media.
With advance of Internet and Mass Media democratic participation can become easier.
We should use tools provided by Government and Internet to increase people‘s participation in functioning of government.
Digital India initiative, and NOFN helps in active participation from village and cities and it can be concentrated.
Our fore-fathers have fought for democracy and snatch it out of the “hell”. We should preserve it and make it more vibrant.
Apathy, brotherhood, public service, commitment, respect



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