Case Study : Impartiality from Referees / Judges – UPSC GS4

Case Study on Impartiality/Anger/Sports-Ethics:
In 2022 Australian Open, a tennis player was taking on court advice from his coach. Player Tsitsipas was continuously doing it, but the referee was not taking any action.
So his opponent, Medvedev got angry and started argument with the Referee, “Bro, are you mad? His father can coach every point? Are you stupid? Can you answer my question, please? Can his father talk every point? Oh my God, you are so bad, man. How can you be so bad in a semi-final of a Grand Slam?”.
Then Referee got irritated and gave code violation to Medvedev. Later on TV channel cameras showed that Tsitsipas was indeed receiving on-court coaching. He was penalised for it later.
Conclusion: Medvedev’s anger was understandable but he should not have used uncivilised words against referee such as “you are stupid.” Because arrogant, corrupt and incompetent officials use such things as an excuse to take action against the victim rather than helping him.

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