Vision 2030 : Interim Budget

The Union Government in the interim budget 2019 unveiled its vision for 2030, listing 10 dimensions to create an India where poverty, malnutrition, littering and illiteracy would be a matter of the past.

Vision 2030

The 10 dimensions of Vision 2030 listed in the interim budget 2019 are:

  1. Physical & Social Infrastructure : Building next-generation infrastructure in all sectors comprising roads, railways, seaports, airports and inland waterways together with social infrastructure is the first dimension to provide ease of living.
  2. Digital India : Building a “Digital India” that reaches every corner of the economy and every citizen.
  3. Clean & Green India : An India that drives electric vehicles, with renewables becoming a major source of energy, bringing down import dependence and increasing energy security for our people is the vision of Clean & Green India.
  4. Rural Industrialization : Expanding of rural industrialization using modern industrial technologies, based on the ‘Make in India’ approach, using grassroot MSMEs and startups across the country.
  5. Clean Rivers : Clean Rivers with safe drinking water to all Indians using micro-irrigation techniques is the fifth dimension.
  6. Oceans & Coastline : Exploitation of the Blue Economy, to ensure better standards and quality of life for a large number of people living in the coastal areas. Exploiting the potential of India’s long coastline for becoming the strength of the economy.
  7. Space : India becoming the launch-pad of satellites for the World and placing an Indian astronaut into space by 2022 (Project Gaganyaan) is the seventh dimension.
  8. Self-sufficiency in Food Production : Attaining self-sufficiency in food and improving agricultural productivity with an emphasis on organic food.
  9. Health : A healthy India, with a distress-free and comprehensive wellness system for all, is the ninth dimension.
  10. Minimum Government, Maximum Governance : Minimum Government, Maximum Governance with proactive, responsible, friendly bureaucracy and electronic governance is the tenth dimension.

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