Swiss Challenge method

This procurement model consists of inviting unsolicited development proposals from experts which are then evaluated by an expert committee before being made public and inviting feedback.

This relatively competitive phase then seeks to generate the most viable and efficient means and processes related to the implementation of the said project by inviting suggestions to improve those which have already been received followed by discussion, negotiation and, finally, awarding a tender to the best service provider.
  • This approach not only ensures that the most efficient ideas are implemented but also cuts unnecessary costs which, ultimately, benefit the tax-payer and the public at large
  • It will also aim to break the nexus of a handful of private players who operate on the basis of red-tapism and cronyism which plagues most processes related to procurement by the government
What is swiss challenge system?
  • Swiss challenge method is a process of giving contracts. Any person with credentials can submit a development proposal to the government. That proposal will be made online and a second person can give suggestions to improve and beat that proposal.
  • It is a method where third parties make offers (challenges) for a project within a designated period to avoid exaggerated project costs



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