Sustainability Vs Development

“The fight against extreme poverty must also focus on the challenge of ensuring environmental sustainability.” Critically comment.

The first Millennium Development Goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger has to some extent given positive results. But just creation of self-sufficiency or food security will not suffice to completely wipe out the extreme poverty. The new problems of scarcity of resources like land, water, lack of proper health, sanitation, natural calamities like rising temperatures, adverse climates, reduction in food production etc. are pushing people again into the web of poverty.
As pointed by the Brundtland commission it is Sustainable development that is the solution for all the above problems.
Environmental sustainability through practices like organic farming, better farming practices like System of Rice Intensification(SRI), protection of eco-sensitive zones and proper assessment before construction, protection of natural habitats and biodiversity, Increasing forest cover, reducing pollution and usage of chemicals and fertilizers etc.
Respecting ‘Mother Nature’ is the need which in turn protects our needs. Poverty is intertwined with Environment as better environment lead to better health, food, water, air etc. It is every human’s responsibility to protect environment and adapt to sustainable practices so that the First MDG now will be part of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) will be fully met for a safe and peaceful Earth.
How did the concept of sustainable development evolve? How is it different from economic development? If you are posted as District Collector, what measures will you take to ensure sustainable development in your district? Suggest out of the box measures. (200 Words)
Growing challenges of pollution, water scarcity, global warming, population explosion, ozone depletion, icebergs melting, islands submerging, reduction in food production, increase in diseases etc. have resulted in a new concept called Sustainable development.
Most of them are man-made and the need for survival of human race is the strong force that is driving the world to embrace sustainable development which according to United Nations “Meeting needs of present without undermining the needs of the future generations”.
Economic development is improving the economy for benefit of humans by various means like increasing food production, infrastructure, industrial output, usage of natural resources etc. But what are the means to raise the economy plays major role. Economic growth can be achieved by using fossil fuels and also by using Nonconventional resources for energy needs. But using the latter is more beneficial for sustenance of humans without causing much damage to environment and is termed as sustainable development.
If I am posted as District Collector, I will take following measures for sustainable development.
  1. Will Encourage Organic Farming, agro-forestry, and production of Bio-fuels in villages like Gobar gas, ethanol from molasses and will work on ways and means of their usage for vehicles apart from house cooking etc.
  2. Will work on collaborating with R&D institutions technologies like laying roads with degradable plastic instead of Coal tar etc.
  3. Will work on aspects like recycling used water in Villages through an well integrated drainage system and are fed to agricultural farms or local ponds.
  4. Will work with NGOs and Society in eradicating the practices like burning the debris of post-harvest of crops for reducing pollution and particulate matter.
  5. Will encourage use of Bicycles even in towns and cities among citizens for improving health and reducing pollution, congestion etc. problems.
It is with active civil society cooperation sustainable development is possible and can be a great way for sustaining human race.



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