Status of India’s Naval Force – UPSC GS3

Context: Indian navy aims to become a 170-warship force from its current strength of 130 warships over the next decade.
What is the need of increasing Naval strength?
  • Importance of high Sea: There is a high possibility that the most consequential strategic battles of this century will be played out on the high seas. Most of the world’s trade happens through high sea.
  • China’s aggressiveness in the Indo-Pacific and building the world’s largest navy. China already has 355 warships, including at least 50 conventional and 10 nuclear submarines.
  • China-Pakistan collaboration: China recently transferred its largest and most advanced warship to Pakistan.
  • Reorientation of India’s military: India has traditionally been focused on land-based forces. Indian army has about 13 lakh personnel while Indian Navy has only about 70,000 personnel.
What are the challenges in front of India?
  • India’s target of 170 ships seems achievable, as 39 naval ships and submarines are already under construction in various Indian shipyards.
  • India’s initial plan was for a 200-plus naval force, it was reduced to 170 ships, and that too with an extension of timeline by 5 years.
  • Thus, considering the present circumstances, India needs to increase the pace of India’s naval modernization.
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