Present situation of Left-Wing Extremism in India – UPSC GS3

Context : At least 26 Naxals were killed recently in an encounter with the Maharashtra police in Gadchiroli district, Maharashtra.
Present situation of Left-Wing Extremists in India
  • Guerrilla attacks: Over time, the Maoists have managed their own strikes against security forces, but such attacks have not yielded an increase in support base or increase in the red corridor.
  • Government efforts paying dividends: The government improved both the security establishment’s work and development schemes in LWE areas. So, area under Naxal control is reducing.
  • Following century old Maoist programme: The programme has issues such as Replicating the Chinese Revolution of the previous century, using armed struggle as the means to achieve its aims, India’s condition at present is not similar to China in the 1920s etc.,
  • Change in people and peasants mindset: Penetration of government benefits and internet access into deepest pockets have changed people’s mindset which has reduced Maoists followings.
  • Maoists’ refusal to acknowledge the diverse industrial base and liberal democratic instruments in the country.
So, to curb LWE areas, the government must act continually in winning over the support of tribals, peasants and other sections of people in the region and retaining people’s faith in the liberal democratic institutions.
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