Space Tech in Disaster Management – UPSC GS3

Examine the role of India’s space programme in disaster management operations. (200 Words)


  • Satellite real-time imaging gives us information about cyclone building speed, intensity, region, danger areas, time available etc. It helps in evacuating the region.
  • Space programmes also provide information about storms through weather forecasting, climate intelligence programmes.
During Disaster:
  • Evacuating people, directing army and NDRF, food, resource to take which path.
  • It gives clear info about time for Disaster to settle to down and strategy to rehabilitate.
  • When whole communication system fails, Satellite phone with army are operable.
  • Use of GPS, ongoing IRNSS technologies (yet to come) to take required steps.
  • Creating a database of all past Disaster occurrences and coming up with forecasting system.
  • Cooperating with NASA, ESA, and Russian Space Agencies to share information from their observance to predict any disturbance in Indian Ocean.



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