Smart Walls to protect borders – UPSC GS3

What is a smart wall?
A ‘smart’ wall use advanced surveillance technology instead of the physical wall and armed patrols.  It makes use of the following technologies to detect and stop border infiltration:
  • For surveillance on the border, it would use radar satellites, computer-equipped border-control vehicles, control sensors, and underground sensors.
  • Thermal imaging would be added for detection.
This technology is so precise that it can distinguish between animals, humans, and vehicles. Then, it will send updates to the forces.
Is this technology useful in India? 
  • India is sharing a border with a difficult neighborhood. It is facing challenges of terrorists and smugglers infiltrating into the country. But due to the rugged topography on the borders, erection of fences or any physical structures have not been successful.
  • Smart walls can be useful as their systems can be easily used on rugged topographies. Moreover, these technologies are cost-effective, less harmful to the environment, and require a lesser amount of land.
  • Even if it is not feasible to cover all our borders under this technology, it can strengthen over existing border security infrastructure.
Thus, with the increasing tensions on the border of India, exploring such technologies would strengthen India’s security on borders.
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