Eliminating Left Wing Extremism – UPSC GS3

Current Situation:
  • After the 2008 attack on CRPF, the massive deployment of security forces was witnessed in the left-wing extremism (LWE)-affected States.
  • With the improvement in the law and order situation in J&K, more security personnel have been deployed in the region.
  • The newly deployed personnel are undergoing intensive training and firing practices with the following objectives:
    • To make them familiar with the terrain.
    • To understand the modus operandi of the Maoists.
    • To take precautionary measures.
  • Thus, the security forces have reduced the incidents of violence in LWE- affected States.
  • The Maoists are either on the run or surrendered.
  • However, casualties among security forces have not stopped.
What more needs to be done?
  • The government must take the following measures to stop attacks on the security forces:
    • Setting up and upgrading the Intelligence systems in the region.
    • Inclusion of Belgian Malinois Dogs to timely detect IEDs.
    • Drones are useful in accessing difficult areas.
    • Security Personnel should stay in pucca buildings instead of huts. As temporary huts are more prone to attacks and destruction due to change in weather.
    • Increase in the allocation of funds- For the construction of accommodation, an amount of Rs 114 crore was demanded against a project. However, only Rs 33 crore was allotted.
Way Forward
The LWE- affected States needs their own Commandos to control the LWE regions effectively. As for now, many districts have been declared free from LWE activities. But still, for some years Central Armed Police Forces will have to be stationed there until State relies completely on their own Commandos Such as Greyhounds and the Jharkhand Jaguars.
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