Rules for Drones

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  • The government has issued regulations for drone operations that could be used for anything from e-commerce deliveries to photography.
  • The drone industry offers many advantages and can help development in several sectors such as agriculture, oil and gas
  • The newly drafted policy allows unfettered use of drones while taking care of the unique security challenges they pose.



  • Mandatory Registration: Drones, their operators and pilots will have to be mandatorily registered on aviation regulator DGCA’s online portal, effective December 1.
  • The use of remotely piloted aircraft, a kind of drone, is allowed for taking photographs, conducting surveys such as for laying of pipelines and agricultural purposes and surveillance.
  • The rules bar use of drones for delivery of items.
  • They can be deployed for spraying of pesticides and delivery of relief material during a natural disaster only on a case-by-case basis.
  • Remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) have been divided into five categories:
    • nano (less than 250gm),
    • micro (between 250 gm and 2kg),
    • small (between 2 and 25 kg) and
    • large (more than 150 kg).
  • Users will have to go online to seek a unique identification number for each drone as well as an operator’s permit licence.
  • They will have to provide details of flight path to be undertaken for every flight.
  • However, nano drones are exempt from all these pre-requisites.
  • Wedding photographers operations are allowed in daylight and within the visual range or a range of 450 m.
  • Wedding photographers are allowed to use micro drones during night, if they are taking pictures in an enclosed premises which is also well-lit.
  • Drones are barred from being flown near airports, international border, coastline, Parliament, Secretariat complex in State capitals, military installations and eco sensitive zones.
  • Small and large drones can fly up to a maximum height of 400 feet. Nano drones must not fly beyond 50 feet and micro drones must be within 200 feet from ground level.
  • Drone users are also advised to keep the local police informed of flights planned by them. - Rules for Drones


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