Roads : National Highway Grid

Why is it needed?
  • In India the lack of scientific road network pattern has created a problem for drivers who can’t take a straight road to reach from one place to the other.
What is being done to check this?
  • National Highway Authority of India is proposing a ‘National Highway Grid’ which will include 27 horizontal and vertical highway corridors spread across the country.
  • The corridors, spaced at a distance of 250 km, will crisscross and connect with each other.
  • The total project is worth Rs 25,000 crores and will help the government re-designate the NHs for easy identification.
  • The grid will connect 12 major ports, 26 state capitals and more than 45 cities and thus help in quick evacuation and transport of cargo from one end to the other.
  • Criss cross of roads randomly increase risk of accidents
  • Give example of USA for scientific development of its roads
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