Tetraethyl Lead (TEL)-

  1. TEL is an Organo-lead compound (chemical compounds containing a chemical bond between carbon and lead). It is a toxic colorless synthetically made oily liquid and was mixed with leaded petrol in 1920s as a patented octane booster/ anti-knocking agent that allowed engine compression to be raised substantially, which helped in increasing vehicle performance or fuel economy.
  2. But its negative impact related to neurotoxicity (lead poisoning), damaging effect on catalytic converters and were main cause for spark plug fouling which lead to start of its phase out in 1970s
  3. Currently, it is still used as an additive in some grades of aviation gasoline and in some developing countries
Bio purification:
  1. It is the natural process of exclusion of harmful elements from human body (to maintain optimum level) that has evolved through millions of years of human evolution.
  2. Also known as Shodhan in ayurveda which is also known as Panchkarma therapy.
  3. For example: Calcium and Barium are found in tandem. While calcium is useful for us, barium is poisonous. Our body has evolved in such a way that it produces protein that effectively absorbs calcium while being almost ineffective for Barium
  4. According to concept of bio purification, natural concentration of harmful elements in human body should be far lower than toxic levels
  5. This concept of bio purification was first conceptualized by Clair Patterson, a geochemist in trying to nullify Robert Kehoe’s (medical scientist) claim for higher toxic natural level of lead in human body.



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