Project Yeti – UPSC GS3

‘Yeti’ is a project initiated by Japan based group and Beijing Internet Institute.

The objective of this project is to create a separate root server for IPv6 addresses.
With growing internet use, IPv4 addresses will run out and IPV6 addresses will take the centre stage. Currently, the root servers for IPv4 addresses are located in US and thus can result in interventions from US governments. These root servers being the backbone of online access, if tinkered can be used to deny access to users. In this regard, Yeti project would seek to achieve following things-
  • diminishing the authority of US in control over root servers
  • putting in place an alternative system for handling IPv6 addresses
  • giving boost to digital initiatives being taken by developing countries
  • distribution of IPv6 root serves ensures democratic internet governance
Thus, it can be said that ‘yeti’ is a step in right direction and in tune with present needs of growing internet demand and democratic governance architecture.



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