Pressurised Heavy Water Reactors : Analysis

The government has given go-ahead to build 10 indigenous PHW reactors.
The fleet of pressurised heavy water reactors (PHWR), of our own design and construction, have performed well
Some facts:
  • During the last five years, the cumulative capacity factor has been 78%
  • The reactors have operated continuously for periods exceeding 300 days quite regularly and one of our reactors was on line for 765 days, the second-longest run in the world
  • The cost of power has been less than from coal in the same region
  • By about 2025 or so, India may itself supply enriched uranium from its own enrichment facilities
The government’s push for 10 IPWRs will secure India a position of nuclear power plant supplier not only for application in India, but also as a potential exporter

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