Ocean-Atmosphere Protection

The ocean and the atmosphere are mutually linked in many ways and both are in dire need of global, credible, measurable, actionable plans to provide for their protection. Critically discuss. (200 Words)

Ocean and Atmosphere both are part of the Biosphere. In numbers of ways both Link to each other as Wind form atmosphere rise the waves in ocean and Ocean currents help the land area to keep the climate in control . So, the change of atmosphere will directly affect the ocean and Vice versa.
  1. Ocean as Carbon sink: Ocean Are the biggest Carbon sink. The Marine ecology including both plant and animal use the Co2 in photosynthesis process and Decrease the level of co2 form the Atmosphere.
  2. Ocean as the Blanket of the Atmosphere: It‘s Well known fact that Sun rays more on tropics and less on the Poles but the Ocean current transfer of heat prevent the Sever climate at both poles and tropics.
  3. Cyclone: A Cyclone is the result of the both – Oceanic and Atmospheric conditions. The Latent heat form the evaporation and Missing of the vertical wind produce the cyclone.
Problems Occur due to Imbalance:
  1. Eutrophication : The Increase of pollution of atmosphere à Acid rain à Increase of nutrients in Ocean à Algae boom à ( Less sun rays + More co2 ) à Loss of marine
  2. El Nino , Indian ocean dipole etc. : The heating of ocean directly affect the atmosphere. As the difference of Heating of Ocean water lead the floods and droughts in various part of land.
  3. Climate change : Climate change increase the Sea level which effect the Coastal marine ecosystem
Steps needed:
  1. Global treaty on climate change that promotes renewable energy must be signed with equitable, stringent but realistic goals to curb carbon emissions
  2. Sustainable development goals have to factor in environmental impact assessment at each stage of development
  3. Declaring exclusive marine reserves could help marine diversity (done by US last year)
  4. Controlling outflow of radioactive waste is needed in case of waters near to coastal nuclear reactors



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