Nuclear Power Industry Issues

  • Share of nuclear energy generation stagnates globally, and several countries shut down nuclear reactors in 2017.
  • Most nuclear reactor constructions are behind schedule, with delays resulting in increase in project costs and delay in power generation.
Nuclear Power vs Renewable Energy Development.
  • Since 1997, worldwide renewable energy has produced four times as many new kilowatt-hours of electricity than nuclear power
  • The world no longer needs to build nuclear power plants to avoid climate change and certainly not to save money.
  • The global nuclear power generation increased by 1.4% in 2016 due to a 23% increase in China, though the share of nuclear energy in electricity generation stagnated at 10.5%.
  • By comparison, globally, wind power output grew by 16% and solar power by 30%. Renewables represented 62% of global power generating capacity additions.
Financial crisis
  • Massive losses over its nuclear construction projects, Toshiba filed for bankruptcy of its U.S. subsidiary Westinghouse, the largest nuclear power builder in history.
  • AREVA has accumulated $12.3 billion in losses over the past six years. The French government has provided a $5.3 billion bailout and continues its break-up strategy.
  • Fukushima nuclear power project in Japan, six years after the disaster began, the report notes how the total official cost estimate for the catastrophe doubled to $200 billion.

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