National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN)

Examine the challenges faced by union government in the execution of the national optic fiber network (NOFN) project? Examine the benefits of this project and suggest how its execution can be sped up. (200 Words)

This programme has very huge potential in modernizing sectors like agriculture, cottage, e-education, MSME, Animal husbandry, Govt. services like PDS, agriculture extension, Health care, Grievance redressal etc. But it has faced several challenges:
  1. The limited capability of BBNL to execute the project efficiently.
  2. Coordination between various agencies like Finance, Revenue, Telecom, Land acquisition etc. is also a major road block.
  3. Coordination between States and center is also a major issue on how to implement it i.e. Private sector or Public sector or combined partnership.
Benefits of this project:
  1. It will connect all Panchayats to Blocks and Blocks to District and District to state capital and state capital to New Delhi. This form of connectivity will bring Govt. closer to people.
  2. Improve coordination between agencies and improve transparency and accountability by digitization of records.
  3. It will help making decision making more inclusive right starting from planning, implementation and feedback and making governance bottom up.



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