NE Border – UPSC GS3


    1. Porous borders:- Eastern border is close to Golden triangle and India acts as a passage for drug trafficking. Porous border also lead to smuggling of arms to insurgents in North east states (NNC (Naga National Council) and MNF (Mizo National front) get arms from across the border)
    2. Geographical challenges:- North east states are connected to rest of india by chicken neck and also difficult terrain in region often become major obstacle. hostile terrain replete with dense jungles, hills, swamps & rivers are difficult to manage
    3. Border fencing issue: unlike Indo-Pak border, fencing along our eastern border is far from completion; further fencing itself is a challenging task due to presence of marshes, swamps, & big rivers etc.; In fact innovative proposals such as floating fences are under implementation.
    4. Land acquisition issues: delays in land acquisition have reduced the pace of border fencing; at some places state government has been unable to acquire land for construction of border outposts; at a few places protests have broken out against border fencing.
    5. Environmental clearances: particularly from various forests such as national parks, tiger reserves etc. are prime cause for delays in border fencing, road & outpost construction etc.
    6. Repeated insurgencies: particularly in north-eastern states have further deteriorated the security condition; can be attributed to lack of development.
Discuss the challenges faced by India in managing various security challenges in its eastern borders at present. (200 Words)



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