National Standards Strategy Paper


  • To remove substandard products from the domestic market
  • To boost India’s exports of high quality goods.
  • To ensure that Indian manufacturer moves towards mandatory standards that are matched with international standards.
Why needed?
  • Internationally the tariffs are going down and there is an urgent need to create strong standards regulatory framework which would help domestic industry in increasing the exports by measuring up to standards and conformity assessment procedures which are vital links in the global trade both in quantitative terms and also getting higher value of exports.
  • Good standards will fulfil ‘zero defect, zero effect (meaning, environment-friendly)’ and ‘Make In India’ campaigns.
  • It will prevent domestic market with unsafe/substandard imports.
  • Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) are promoting high standards for global trade. Standards for domestic market and export market should be equal. And should create an ecosystem of conformity.



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