National Mineral Exploration Policy

The NMEP primarily aims at accelerating the exploration activity in the country through enhanced participation of the private sector

Major components:
  • The policy seeks to uncover full mineral potential in order to put the nation’s mineral resources (non-fuel and non-coal) to best use and maximize sectoral contribution to the Indian economy
  • It emphasizes on making available baseline geoscientific data of world standards in the public domain
  • Emphasizes on quality research in a public-private partnership (PPP)
  • Focus on special initiatives for search of deep-seated and concealed mineral deposits
  • It seeks to undertake quick aero geophysical surveys of country and creation of dedicated geoscience database.
  • The Union Ministry of Mines will carry out auctioning of identified exploration blocks for exploration by private sector
  • It will be done on the revenue sharing basis in case their exploration leads to auctionable resources. The revenue will be borne by the successful bidder of those auctionable blocks



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