Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage (L&D), which essentially tries to capture inability to cope with the effects of warming. This is distinct from mitigation, or reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and adaptation, or finding ways to live in a warmer world.

In Warsaw  in 2013, all parties agreed to set up a new mechanism on L&D.
The issue is important because even after GHG emissions are reduced and communities adapt to climate change, there would still be loss and damage to people, livelihoods and infrastructure as a result of their inability to cope with climate change. Loss generally refers to the complete forfeiture of items like land, ecosystems, or of human lives, while damage refers to the harm to infrastructure and property that could be repaired. The term includes both economic and non-economic losses.
Needs  support of Rich (Annex-I Countries)
Paris agreement needs to be wider than just the reduction of GHG or mitigation.
Recently concluded meeting of Like Minded Developing Countries in Delhi states that the issues for the Paris COP are “mitigation, adaptation, finance, capacity building, technology development and transfer, transparency of action and support as well as loss and damage.”
Negotiations should have to be based on idea of “Climate Justice” rather than climate action. Climate justice — per capita emissions. India’s per capita emissions is still 1.7 and USA’s 16/17



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