Intellectual Property Index – UPSC GS3

  • India was ranked 37 out of 38 countries in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce-International Intellectual Property Index.
  • The Index is based on 30 criteria critical to innovation including patent, copyright and trademark protections, enforcement, and engagement in international treaties
  • It said patent protection in India remains outside of international best practices, adding that Indian law does not provide adequate enforcement mechanisms to effectively combat online piracy. India’s score would have increased if the government had not suspended implementation of Final Guidelines for Computer Related Inventions (CRI), according to the report. The GIPC report found that among India’s key areas of weakness was the use of compulsory licensing (CL) for commercial and non-emergency situations, and the expanded use of CL being considered by the Indian government. CL relates to the government allowing entities to manufacture, use, sell or import a patented invention without the permission of the patent-owner. Another area of weakness was “poor application and enforcement of civil remedies and criminal penalties.



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