Write a note on the importance of and role played by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) in ensuring farm mechanization in India. (150 Words)

Indian council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is an autonomous apex body responsible for the organisation and management of research and education in the field of agriculture, animal science, agro forestry, fisheries and allied sciences.
Mechanization refers to improved tool and implement of machinery that supplement and substitute human labour, enhances worker‘s output, avoids drudgery and stresses etc. Currently in agriculture sector of India, the production costs are rapidly increasing while eroding the profit margin of farmers. Hence there is a need of farm mechanization to reduce costs, enhance productivity and efficiency. Thus in order to keep agriculture economically viable ICAR has reorganized itself in 1965. With its success in Green revolution, it has taken many vital steps towards a sustainable farm mechanization in India.
  1. It is working towards developing need-based and region specific engineering technologies and is engaged in planning, co-ordination and monitoring of R&D programmes in a national and international level.
  2. It has developed many improved machinery such as laser and leveler, self-propelled sprayers, precision seeders and planters, harvesters for cereals and sugarcane etc.
  3. It has introduced gender friendly tools for reduction in the drudgery for women farm workers.
  4. With a nation-wide vast network, it is engaged with many mass awareness programme related to new farm technologies. Ex: Lab to Land programme, recently set up of modern mechanised farm units.



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