Hydropower in India

In recent years, in India, the growth of hydropower capacity has diminished thanks to various factors. Discuss what are these factors and possible solutions to address them. (200 Words)

There is huge hydro power potential in Himalaya. Many mighty rivers like Ganga and Brahmaputra flows from Himalayas. But currently hydro power generation capacities addition has been dismal. There are various causes for these:
  1. Large hydro power projects create situation of mass displacement. Displacements invite protests. This hamper progress in these projects.
  2. Himalaya is seismically very active region, only second to pacific rim of fire. Large structure likes dams have concern of breakdown in case of earth quake. Concerns about landslides and Uttarakhand like situations cannot be denied.
  3. Impact on biodiversity is major concern. Large dams change local ecology.
  4. Green clearances is another problem. Huge amount of investment that are made in large dams want prompt clearances.
  5. Politically river water sharing is also a major issue.
  6. Shortage of financial resources
  7. Private sector is not getting enough incentive given protest
  1. Harvesting hydropower capacity of NE-states and Nepal and Bhutan with help of National Grid.
  2. Increase in use of renewable energy and develop small & mini hydro plants if possible
  3. Quick resolution to interstate disputes
  4. Adopting advance technologies from foreign countries and availing loans from new banks such as AIIB & NDB
  5. Providing proper rehabilitation and compensation to displaced person and allow their participation for selecting the area for construction to avoid obstruction in later stage. Comprehensive feasibility analysis can convince local communities of benefits of projects



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