Guidelines on regulation of Nanotechnology – UPSC GS3

Department of Science and Technology released the draft guidelines on regulation of nanotechnology

Main objectives are:
  • To use the nascent nanotechnology in development and improvement of various sectors from hardware to machines etc.
  • To handle the sensitive technology without letting them have harmful and toxic effect on human being and food chains.
  • To reduce the negative impact of nanoparticles on environment and ecology in case of leakage.
What does this guidelines do?
  • Identifying hazards: Nanomaterials pose hazards of different
degrees. The draft policy has separately outlines the involved hazards.
  • Best practices for handling nanoparticles: The guidelines has clearly intended to make the Nano tech lab a safer place. With the provision for locating emergency equipment, hygiene standards, labelling and signage and cleaning procedures and spill, it can be concluded that Nano tech just like other tech has to be dealt with a word of caution.
  • Safety practices: Explosion safety, access control, transportation of nano materials is specifically mentioned that again aims at making nano lab a very safe place.
Current status of Nano-tech:
  • Nanotechnology is still in its nascent stage. It holds high potential to transform various sectors of our modern era technology like biotechnology ; agricultural science; health innovation etc.
  • Nano technology can make this world more efficient by contributing to various areas.
  • Government should encourage R&D ; more investment; new courses ; academic linkage with foreign universities etc. for sustainable and inclusive growth with the help of nanotechnology



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