Green GDP of States


  • Starting this year, the government will begin a five-year exercise to compute district-level data of the country’s environmental wealth.
  • The numbers will eventually be used to calculate every State’s ‘green’ Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • The metric will help with a range of policy decisions, such as compensation to be paid during land acquisition, calculation of funds required for climate mitigation, and so on.
  • This is the first time such a national environment survey is being undertaken. India’s environmental diversity and riches are universally recognised but have never been quantified.
Pilot project
  • A pilot project is set to begin this September in 54 districts.
  • Land will be demarcated into grids with about 15-20 grids per district.
  • These will capture the diversity in the State’s geography, farmland, wildlife, and emissions pattern, and will be used to compute a value.
  • The funds for the pilot project are already available. But the budget has not been specified.
  • Much of the data required for the inventory would be sourced from datasets that already exist with other government ministries.
Green skilling programme
  • The government has also launched a ‘green skilling’ programme under which youth, particularly school dropouts, would be trained in a range of ‘green jobs’.
  • Some of the labour required for the survey would also be sourced from the green-skilled workforce.

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