Fund of Funds for Start-Up

  • Established in 2016 under SIDBI for extending support to Startups
  • Rs 10,000 crores corpus fund
  • The FFS will be used for the contribution of various Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) to extend funding support to Startups
  • Purpose:
    • The corpus fund can be the nucleus for catalyzing 60,000 crore rupees of equity investment and twice as much debt investment.
    • It would provide a predictable and stable source of funding for the start-up enterprises and thereby facilitate large scale job creation
    • The FFS will play an important role in accelerating innovation driven entrepreneurship and business creation through Start-ups which is crucial for large-scale employment generation in the country to tap the demographic dividend
    • The Fund of Funds operations will help to address the various challenges faced by start-ups such as limited availability of domestic risk capital, information asymmetry, constraints of conventional bank finance and lack of hand holding support from credible agencies

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