Electronics Development Fund (EDF)

The Union Government is targeting an investment of about Rs. 2,200 crore in start-ups working on new technologies in the electronics sector under the Electronics Development Fund (EDF) by 2019
Objective: This investment aims at creating an eco-system to make India a global hub for electronics manufacturing.
What is EDF?
  • EDF is the mother fund or fund of funds that will contribute to various funds for those who invest the money in companies for creation of intellectual property rights (IPR) in the field of electronics and IT.
  • It works with venture capitalists to create funds, known as ‘daughter funds,’ which provide risk capital to companies developing new technologies in the area of nano-electronics, electronics and IT.
  • It will help attract angel funds, venture funds and seed funds towards research & development (R&D) and innovation in the specified areas.
  • It will also help to create a battery of Fund Managers and Daughter funds who will be seeking good start-ups (potential winners) and selecting them based on professional considerations.
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